Here’s How to Live a more Colourful Life—From an Insta Star
Who’s Learned to be Brave with Bolder Hues

Here’s How to Live a more Colourful Life—From an Insta Star Who’s Learned to be Brave with Bolder Hues But lately, I’ve been leaning into the world of colour, even though it’s confusing and a little bit scary. I’ve been studying how colour changes the way we see ourselves and others, and I’ve been amazed. I’ve even taken steps to make my life more colourful. I’d like to paint a

This celebrity makeup artist is all about green beauty

This celebrity makeup artist is all about green beauty … With a client roster that includes Mindy Kaling, Olivia Munn and Amber Heard, Katey Denno is one of the most well-recognized makeup artists in Hollywood. But she has an important mission that sets her apart from her peers: She works with clean, green products and is using her platform to urge others to do the same. For anyone who still

Water and Our Skin!

What does water have to do with skin? A ton, as it turns out! Our skin is awash in water—30 percent water, in fact—and keeping it there can help make our complexions healthy and happy. Water and our skin Its water content is hugely responsible for our skin’s plumpness, elasticity, and resilience to the elements. Studies have found that decreased skin hydration is linked to greater depth and quantity of

6 Supplements For ‘You’re Glowing!’ Skin

Getting outside is great for our overall health, but exposure to the elements weathers our skin. Plus, aging takes its toll. It’s a recipe for dull skin and rough hands. Fortunately, it’s not just external stressors that determine how your skin looks: what you apply to your skin and even what you ingest plays a big part. Consider this your must-have primer on which skin supplements can refresh and rejuvenate

Natural beauty isn’t just another way to look good

Back in the day, our beauty routines were all about looking better: A little makeup to cover imperfections, a blow dryer to flatten out frizz and some shade of red or pink polish to make our nails presentable. As someone who spent the early 2000s with a straightening iron plugged in and concealer in my back pocket, I can attest to the fact that the focus of beauty has traditionally

Get the best skin, hair & nails for summer …

No matter how jam-packed your schedule is, there’s a get-summer-ready beauty routine for every woman out there. Here’s your guide to getting the best hair, skin and nails at home—even if you only have a few minutes. (Because hello: running the world eats up a lot of time.) If you have 5 minutes … Face Take a few moments with a jade facial roller to invigorate and wake up your

Inside Out

All you men (and, okay, pretty much all humans) who just cannot with the 27-step skincare routines touted by celebrities and beauty insiders: don’t worry. You’re not facing a lifetime of dull skin. Turns out what you put in your body is just as important as what you slather onto it. “The cleaner I eat, the better my skin gets,” says plant-based vlogger and fitness influencer Leo Venus. Sure, he

Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter

Aw … winter. It’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s tough on our skin—our winter skin reality can often be described as dry and scaly. There’s a solution, though. Read on to find out how you can solve winter skin. At the peak of the winter season, we often find ourselves daydreaming about the beach, yearning for warmth and sunshine. At this time of year, the days are shorter and darker,

9 Ways I’ve Learned to Cultivate Inner Beauty

Six years ago, I embarked on a journey to get healthy and live a better life—not just for me, but for my children too. I wanted to feel more whole. Confident. Beautiful. So, I lost 100 pounds (45 kg). This didn’t leave me feeling all that confident or beautiful. In fact, I felt more anxiety than ever. I looked thin and aged. Was this health? Why didn’t weight loss answer

An ND explains the science of collagen

You’ve heard you should consume collagen daily, but have you heard of hydroxyproline? Hydroxyproline is at the heart of what makes collagen so important. Here’s why. Collagen is a structural protein. Like all proteins, it’s composed of amino acids. Most of these amino acids are found abundantly in other protein sources. But hydroxyproline is an amino acid found almost exclusively in collagen. Hydroxyproline plays an important role in collagen’s stability