The male fertility diet: what you should eat to boost your sperm count

The world is full of horror stories for men who want to become fathers. Whether it’s mobile phones “cooking” sperm or even heated car seats reducing activity, there are plenty of things for potential fathers to be worrying about. Oh, but try not too worry too much, because stress has also been linked to a drop in sperm count. Sorry. If all this leaves you seeing red, there might be some

'I was aware that men got breast cancer, but I didn’t think it would happen to me'

Following news that Beyonce’s father was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, The Telegraph speaks to survivors in the UK to gain an insight into what’s all too often thought of as a female disease…  “As a male breast cancer patient, once I’d had my surgery and a couple of after checks, I felt almost pushed under the radar by doctors”, Giles Cooper explains. “I’m convinced it’s because men are

Flu jabs: everything you need to know including the best time to get a flu vaccination

When it comes to the flu, prevention can be far better than treatment. Getting a flu jab isn’t quite as easy as ignoring your GP’s reminders, of course, but for many the alternative – fever, pains, coughing, and the threat of severe complications – is not worth the risk.  As the temperatures drop, it is especially important for ‘at risk’ individuals (ie those with a chronic condition or weakened immune

Meet the woman hoping to change the way we treat eating disorders

Hope Virgo visited her GP in 2016 knowing that she needed urgent help. She began struggling with anorexia at 13, which got progressively worse until she was hospitalised at 17 when her heart “nearly stopped” because it had been so long since she had eaten properly. Now 26, following the death of her grandmother, she had begun to hear the familiar “relentless anorexic voice” again.  “I knew I was becoming

'My mother is deeply entrenched in anti-vaccine conspiracies': what it's really like growing up with anti-vax parents

“I was curious more than anything,” explains 23-year-old Sarah*. “I was a child when she first told me, so I had many questions. I wasn’t angry about not being vaccinated but I was very interested in my mother’s reasoning.” At the age of seven, Sarah was informed by her mother that she hadn’t been given the MMR vaccine.  “My oldest sibling had the MMR vaccine and later developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (a rare condition

Yes, nutrition advice changes – and that's a good thing

Yes or no. Left or right. In or out. Life is full of decisions – in fact, according to a study at Cornell University, we make over 200 a day about food alone. Most of those decisions won’t take a moment’s thought (that breakfast you have every morning); some of them probably require a few seconds of deliberations (white or brown bread?); and one or two might spark a heated

Every menopause expert gave me different advice - no wonder I felt rubbish about the future

To mark World Menopause Day on Friday, Kate Spicer reveals how the NHS made her experience worse Back in August when news that a clinic in Brimingham, ProFam, was reversing the menopause using frozen ovarian tissue (for £7000-£11000), I couldn’t even get my hands on a supply of HRT. It wasn’t just that there was, and still is, a chronic shortage of the stuff despite nearly half the population qualifying

Dopamine surges and stroke danger: What happens to the brain when someone takes cocaine

This week, it was revealed that the amount of pure cocaine being consumed in London on average is more than Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin combined.  Tests found that the average daily amount of pure cocaine in London is 23kg, or 23,000 grams – with an estimated street value of £2.75m each day.  Forensic scientists from King’s College University came to their conclusions by testing waste water in the capital for

'For me, climbing is safer than crossing the road': Meet the blind rock climber pushing the boundaries of what you can do without sight 

Stanage Edge, the Peak District, on a grey and windswept Sunday. Jesse Dufton is climbing ‘Flying Buttress Direct’, a classic climbing route on this gritstone crag. A delicate slab soon gives way to an intimidating overhanging roof. I’ve been here on sunny days and watched people give up on it. A dog walker stops to watch. “Do you know who that is?” I ask. “Yeah, he’s amazing,” comes the reply.

Should you spend half-term with friends or family?

If you have children or grandchildren, you’re probably thinking about half-term.  When it comes to wellbeing, where you spend your time is considerably less important than who you spend your time with. Studies repeatedly show that individuals with a strong and positive social network are not only happier and more self-confident, but also healthier and likely to live longer. So one of the best things we can do for the